Our Services


The following lists some of the more common services we provide, but do get in touch if you have any special requirements or don’t see your request listed below. We are dedicated to providing a friendly, professional, and flexible service at an affordable price – so before you try elsewhere, call 07766234380 or use our Contact Us form to discuss any requirement you may have.

Annual Servicing
Our thorough service ensures checks are carried out on all aspects of your vehicle, including testing of electrical, gas & waters systems and the safe condition of chassis, brake and wheel components.

We are able to undertake repairs caused by major or minor accidents, right through to internal or external bumps & scrapes.

Damp Problems
Known as the curse of the caravan buyer, damp is a common problem in many leisure vehicles, and can affect even the reasonably new and modern ones. We can undertake repairs to damp problems no matter how large or small.

Gas / Electrical Supply Repairs
Our qualified engineers can undertake expert safety testing & diagnostics of gas and electrical supply systems, ensuring all issues and problems are repaired to the very highest standards

Installation of New Components
Whether it be new storage systems, new fixtures, or just more modern electrical devices, we are able to install these for you at very affordable rates.

Alterations & Conversions
We also offer a fully flexible service to carry out any style of alteration, conversion or renovation to your vehicle. Whatever your wishes are, make sure you speak to us first